This is why you get your service with RAS!


We recently serviced a Toyota Camry for the first time and found this cabin filter. Obviously it wasn't changed by the workshop that serviced it last. 

Dirty Cabin Filter

We check the cabin filter every service and recommend customers to have them changed if  dirty. This is especially important if they live in the rural area. You can see the sticks and feathers in this one. We also find rat droppings regularly in cabin filters of customers who live rural. Do you really want your passengers (or yourself) breathing air filtered through Rat Droppings?

Designed to filter out pollen or other contaminants whilst absorbing noxious odours and harmful gases and preventing them from entering the vehicle cabin, Cabin Filters can only effectively protect you and your passengers from breathing these harmful substances if they are regularly checked/changed.

Filthy Cabin Filter 

If Cabin Filters are not checked and changed on a regular basis the filters become less effective and the build up of filtered debris begins to impact the amount of fresh, filtered air entering the vehicle cabin. Needless to say this presents problems. 

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