Vehicle Inspection Reports


What is a Vehicle Inspection?

A Vehicle Inspection when a qualified mechanic checks over your whole vehicle visually paying particular attention to roadworthiness (or how safe your car is on the road) They will identify any areas that may be unsafe or due for replacement, and provide you with a written report. All Repco Authorised service centres provide a free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report with every car service (upon request) and are also able to perform 150 point vehicle condition reports - a comprehensive check of your vehicle from top to bottom.

Why do I need to get a Vehicle Inspection?

There are two reasons you might request a vehicle inspection - One is because it is compulsory or required by law before your car can be registered (see below) which requires a basic inspection and the other reason is just by choice - for peace of mind, safety or even to check the car out independently before the warranty expires, for these purposes we recommend the full 150 point vehicle condition report.


Vehicle Inspection Reports in Darwin and the NT

In the Northern territory any vehicle more than three years old must pass a Vehicle Inspection by an authorised examiner before registration can be issued, renewed or transferred from interstate.
Palmerston Auto Repair Centre is an Authorised Vehicle Inspection centre, qualified to provide you with the required ‘passed vehicle inspection report' in order to register your vehicle if it is older than 3 yrs old. We can also perform any work required in order to get your vehicle to pass this inspection.

If you would like to book a Vehicle Inspection or a 150 point vehicle condition report please call us today.

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